A New Year’s Newsletter – Home Interior Design Trends For 2018

With New Year’s Day just around the bend, 2017 is about to be history, and it’s time to prepare for 2018 – and when it comes to interior design, it’s always best to be prepared for the hail of new trends. Staying concurrent with the latest trends in home designing definitely helps keep the aesthetic fresh. While many people tend to go for ‘timeless’ in their most recent renovations, each New Year brings its own distinct flavor and the home interior design trends for 2018 are definitely something to look forward to. With technological and aesthetical innovation in full force, designers keep bringing forward newer, more inventive visuals, techniques and ideas.

While casual Scandinavian themes and rich marble and metallic accents were some of the highlights of 2017, let’s take a look at what you can expect to find in the newest crop of the home interior design trends for 2018 .


1. Bold Geometry

At CAS, we believe that minimalism may come and go, but the bold geometry is forever. Indeed, there’s just something special about bold, oblique and angular lines. Of course, it’s nothing as drastic as the Memphis Style a la 80s, but you can never have enough of those parametric artworks, bold-font graphic art and more to make your space more interesting. So if you’re looking for avant-garde, bold geometry is your go-to as one of the top home interior design trends for 2018.


2. Curved Furniture

Curved couches, chairs, and layouts are the ultimate inspiration for home interiors next year. Even Paninfarina – House of the Ferrari – is getting onboard with this particular trend. Their latest venture in home décor has resulted in the formation of the ‘Segno’ furniture line. The light, sensuous curves of the couches and chairs look absolutely inspired. So if you’re browsing through all the newest furniture catalogs, just circle all of the curvy couches, chairs, and tables. They’re definitely one of the newest home interior design trends for 2018.


3. Color Palate from the Same Family

Nobody likes tonal whiplash anymore – bright on bright is so last year. So if you’re thinking about renovating your home next year, then it’s the perfect time to look at a same-family color scheme. Tone-on-tone is the new ‘it.’ This basically means that you’ll have to create contrast from the same family of colors. So if you’re all about ‘champagne’ as your main color scheme, then the rest of the palate will consist of several hues and tints (which are fancy words for light and dark shades, respectively) of the same color. That’s one of the next biggest home interior design trends for 2018 as far as color schemes are concerned.


4. Floral Chandeliers

According to Elle Décor – the leading authority on all changing trends for designers all around the world – floral chandeliers are one of the next big home interior design trends for 2018. While floral walls and backdrops have been a huge part of the interior aesthetic for 2017, people are now being awed by a more ‘free-form’ version of this trend. These flower chandeliers consist of artfully organized floral arrangements that lend bright, vivaciousness to any space. So if you’re looking for a replacement for that slightly malfunctioning pendent lamp in your dining nook, this is the perfect time to go for a floral chandelier

5. Celestial Lights

Celestial lamps are going to be a hot commodity in 2018. Already people are being inspired by moon-like table lamps, whimsical pendant light fixtures that resemble planets and string lights that look a little like small moons hung on a wire. So this trend is definitely going to bleed into next year as one of the hottest home interior design trends for 2018. So if you’re browsing the internet for the trendiest light fixtures, now you definitely know what to look out for.


6. On to lilac and lavender

While ‘green’ was the Pantone color of the year, and Millennial ‘blush’ Pink took on a life of its own in the latter half of 2017, lilacs and lavenders are definitely next in line. These days, you’ll definitely see a soft lavender highlight in any trendy interior design that takes away the edge from any style. Similarly, lilac accents can be used to imbue an inherent softness within any space. Both of these colors are best complemented with distressed finishes and are definitely going to be one of the best home interior design trends for 2018.

7. Brass & Gold accents

Every few years, we get an influx of newer and shinier metallic accents. While 2017 was all about bringing in the dull resonance of copper, 2018 is going to see a major resurgence in brushed gold and brass. It’s definitely one of the most classic home interior design trends for 2018. From kitchen paraphernalia and furniture trimming to decorative ornamentation and trinkets, you can use these brass and gold accents in all sorts of places in your spaces. You can even see these particular metal accents in certain light fixtures and more.

8. Statement Artwork

Gallery walls have been a dominant home décor trend in 2017, but people have been decidedly getting tired of it. These days, a single, enormous statement artwork that takes up an entire wall is used to make an interior design seem stylish. Nobody wants to arrange a whole cluster of photo frames on their feature walls anymore – just a simple canvas is enough to make a lasting impression.


So these are some of the budding home interior design trends for 2018 you can expect to see during the first half of the year. Let’s see what the rest of the year has to offer!

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