Helter-Skelter Hotel Interior Design Stages-1

Helter-Skelter Hotel Interior Design Stages

Hotel Interior Design Stages: What happens if you don’t plan your business?

“What if…” is one of the most poignant and painstaking question you’d ever ask yourself on a botched design project. It’s a cold, hard truth and I bet every person in the industry has one of these stories to tell. So today, I’ll be sharing mine.

Sometimes, you spend a lot of time and money on something that never provides good end results. It usually goes downhill without you ever being any wiser, and by the time you actually notice something’s amiss, it’s usually too late. A similar thing happened when a client came to consult on their hotel branding. The idea is to match the general outlook of the branding with the interior of the hotel. From the beginning, it was a bust without me being any wiser. In light of my experience, I’d like to highlight how hotel interior designing stages are extremely important!

It all started last week. The client asked us to design their hotel brand – the image that would attract the people to their hotel. We started out by asking some general questions;

Me: What’s your preferred color, and what’s the color scheme of your hotel?
Client: Green and Gold.

Naturally, I asked to look at the actual images. And when I did; lo and behold,

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement! Instead of ‘green and gold’, the lobby was actually a mixture of green and beige, the rooms were a screaming orange and the entrance was the worst shade of brown! I was completely taken aback! The theme was a disaster of epic proportions and I didn’t know what to do about it. This is where I’d like to emphasize the importance of hotel interior design stages; if you take it one step at a time – it’d never look so helter-skelter!

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At last, I asked a colleague for some advice, but she was just as stumped as I was. In the end, we had to create an entire team to brainstorm some solutions for the branding. We never really succeeded. We tried not to worry the client, because asking him to redesign the entire interior would have entailed a double investment. Instead, we tried to meet halfway. In the end, we advised him to change the furniture and lose the other colors while keeping the basic palate of his hotel interior the same.

My point here is that if the client had thought in full stops and commas – actually carried out his project by keeping the hotel interior design stages in mind, then he could have avoided all this mess in the first place. No design should ever be carried out in such plug and chug fashion. Design should always be done in organized stages. In light of this story, let’s look at how you can start from the beginning to organize your entire project in the right direction.

12 Hotel Interior Design Stages You Should Implement

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If you want to run a successful hotel, then you need to be aware of all the work that should be put in behind the scenes. Planning and organization is always key. I’ve created an itemized list of these stages for your ease:
1. Determine the typology and style of your hotel. Is it a chain? Is it a boutique? How many rooms does it have? Are you going for affordable or luxurious? Ask yourself all these hard questions. They’ll get you started!

2. Choose the location. Browse all the potential locations and create a list of pros and cons for each. You’ll figure out the best one with some careful exploration.

3. Building vs. renovation; to renovate or to build from scratch, that is the question.

4. Have a fair consultation with an architect, or any other professional who will be involved in the building process to create an estimate of your budget. This cost will determine the quality of your hotel.

5. The next step would be to talk with the local authorities to understand zoning and permit issues. This is the technical part of your hotel interior design stages.

6. Now it’s time to develop the business plan and strategies. What will be your financial projections? How much are you willing to invest? What’s the end game here?

7. You can then present these plans to potential investors to get the required funding.

8. Once you’ve got the money, it’s time to get started with the construction/renovation of your hotel!

9. When the physical work is underway, you should start recruiting and training your staff.

10. The technological aspect of your hotel interior design stages is always important. You’ll need to explore the recent trends and decide what you want. Reservation systems and accounting systems are always a must to effectively manage your hotel.

11. The next stage involves launching a pre-opening hotel marketing plan. How will you attract guests? What’s your branding strategy? Stuff like that.

12. And lastly, it’s time to open your hotel to the public.

As designers, our job is to engage in stages number 4 and 8. The former will only give you a general idea about the cost, so you can later work on your plan based on the total budget. After you’re done with the zoning and investors, it’s time to make the most important decision of them all; which company should you hire to design your hotel?

Always remember; these hotel interior design stages do not require you to hire a starchitect. You don’t have to spend a million bucks to get the most of your business. You can go for a low-budget designer who has an organized plan and a background knowledge of architecture and interior design processes.

On that note, I think you should know what questions you should be asking your interior designer. You have to understand that interior designing is more than choosing the colors or furniture – it’s designing the layout in an efficient and controlled manner, smoothing out all the aesthetical kinks and articulating mere ideas into reality. It’s an incredibly important part of your hotel interior design stage. Here are some of the questions you should ask your interior designer at the time of vetting;

  • What’s your working style? This will allow you set your expectations and see if your mental gymnastics match or not.
  • What would be the overall cost? Checking the running bills is an incredibly important part of the job, and the schedule is always important.
  • Are you a full-service designer? An interior designer that offers a one-stop-shop consultancy is always the best!
  • Have any testimonials? Street cred might be important, but nothing beats hands-on experience with original clients. Looking at their feedback can help you a lot.
  • How soon can you deliver this project? The timeline is especially important in your hotel interior design stages, so always check about that.

All of these questions are very important while you’re vetting out the best designer for yourself. However, I do think that the most important question is: “IS THE DESIGNER FULL-SERVICE? DO YOU NEED FULL-SERVICE?”

Why is it important? Because you’re spending a lot of money, and it’s not fair if you get only a partial deal. What if you get only the grey structure from one firm and have to hire another to get the interior design? You’ll lose time, and your business plan will definitely go down the drain! It will be a veritable catastrophe!

At CAS, you can hire full service interior designers to manage your hotel interior design stages! Here’s a list of all the things that are included in our package;

  • Photography and Measurement of Spaces
  • Creation of Mood Boards
  • Brand Identity
  • Floor Plans
  • Design Concept
  • 3D Rendering
  • Tender Documentations and technical drawings
  • Meeting with Contractors
  • FF&E selection
  • Supervision of the Project (Overseeing and Final Installation)

As you can see, hotel interior design stages are important and if you need all of this, you will absolutely need to hire a local designer or someone with a local partner. And you will need a substantial budget for a designer’s fee, depending on your needs. If, however, this is way out of the scope of what you need, I encourage you to look into virtual interior design. It might be just the right solution for you!

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