Go-Green-and-sustainable-with-an-Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Restaurant Design

Have you ever given thought to the eco-friendliness of an establishment? The qualities of healthy, hygienic and hearty meals should be reflected in the environment in which the food is being served. Eco-friendly restaurant design focuses on creating such ambiances for consumers, with minimum adverse impact on nature.

One of the key reasons restaurants are creating greener spaces is to obtain the LEED certificate which is complex, as a range of criteria needs to be fulfilled. Apart from obtaining a recognized verification, restaurateurs are implementing the economical sustainable growth because of its rewarding nature in terms of promoting the authenticity of a brand image and cost reduction in the long run. The journey of sustainability in restaurant design may not have a definite ending point, in fact, a steady progression towards each step that is taken until we reach an eco-friendly restaurant design.

What are the main points in an eco-friendly restaurant design

Optimum Management of Waste

As much of importance is laid on the green infrastructure, a systematic approach that dictates the design curriculum is of vital importance. The vision is to foresee the industrial waste being recycled if not discarded appropriately yet within the reach of the quality of sustainability. Reduction of limited natural resources such as energy and water are important factors within the design management.

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Efficient use of energy

Focus on Energy consumption is at the forefront of the hospitality industry, as the usage of energy per square foot is significantly higher than a comparable commercial building. It is advisable that the users perform a thermostat check on the equipment to make sure it functions to the right temperature as energy star puts it

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Earn a gold star

An engaging step towards an energy efficient future is to purchase energy star appliances. Being approved by energy star brings you a step closer on the journey of a sustainable future in comparison with the average kitchen equipment that consumes energy more than it should. Initial cost being high, energy star products for your eco-friendly restaurant design are always a smart idea in the long run.

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Lighting and Electricity usage

Lighting plays a huge role when it comes to light fixtures, signage or other decorative elements in a restaurant. Energy star light fixtures are designed to reduce the energy and the heat that it produces by 75 percent which can be easily evaluated by the amount you will end up saving in your pocket. Cetain typers of lighting such as fluorescent, LED is a better option and it is equally important to confirm these fixtures are being illuminated in appropriate terms.

Last but not least, another smart solution towards sustainable urban restaurant design is to incorporate sensors in areas that needs to be illuminated only when it’s occupied. (Ex: restrooms, refrigerators) It is yet another approach of energy efficiency that dramatically cuts down the unnecessary cost.

Protection of water

The amount of water that is wasted can add up to millions of gallons. Using energy star appliances or low flow faucets contributes in reducing the water consumption. Using sensors that analyse movement or integrating systems of re using the water are ideal ways of approaching sustainability in today’s world. Living in a polluted world where no one is ever ready to take up the responsibility, encouraging employees to use bikes, buses and car pools is the direction to go. What’s more is the initiative of offering special parking slots for hybrid car owners.

The idea of sustainability within the hospitality industry should be seen as a new dimension of ensuring quality to the consumer where consumerism delve into the design principles of the particular restaurants. And most importantly remember to stay ahead of the game. EU legislation is on its way and it won’t be long before your business is forced – by law – to meet high environmental standards.

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The concept of sustainability is applied routinely in industries as a way to minimize environmental impacts and thereby reduce their production costs and make their activities more environmentally sustainable. The demands for natural spaces geared towards leisure and recreation arise as a result of the urbanization process of the cities, demographic agglomeration and the massive growth of industrial activity … The chaos of cities and the destruction of forests, the interest for gardens Or “Green Environment” or ecological counterpoint to industrial society. The Ecological Environment within companies is born as adequate spaces to meet the new social demand for leisure and leisure time, as opposed to the urban environment of hectic life.

The creation of green spaces was especially aimed at promoting the quality of urban life in the well-being of people (Silva, 2003a). Under this conception, urban parks were born in Brazil and founded them until the end of the 1990s.
With the creation of Law no. 9,985 (SNUC) in 2000

I am a small family restaurant owner. I would really like to go for eco friendly restaurant environment but I don’t have much budget.

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