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The Fundamentals of Hotel Lobby Design

Hotel design in general is a multidisciplinary class of design. The hotel lobby, which we want to focus on here, is a particularly key location. The lobby’s interior design reflects the overall image of the entire hotel. There are several categories of hotels; five star, boutique and standard three star, each having a very specific image to maintain. So when it comes to hotel lobby design, the interior needs to revolve around the image the management wants to project to the guests. All hotel lobbies do, however, have some universal qualities, a few of which we will be discussing below.

1. Layout of the hotel lobby design

The layout of the hotel lobby design is one of the most important aspects of its interior design. The layout is basically a blueprint of all the physical elements of design and where they will be put in the lobby. This depends on the circulation space, and the estimated number of people that would be using the lobby at any given time. The layout of a hotel lobby is supposed to be designed around the circulation space, as it needs to look wide and spacious. All the furniture is almost always sidelined with a large space in the middle for the easy movement of guests and management alike.

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2. The reception

The main feature of any hotel lobby design, the reception always needs to be an impressively designed formation. The image of the reception is quite possibly the defining impression of all of the hotel as a whole. The main component of a reception is the desk and its back wall. Both of these need to be designed in an alluring fashion. The back wall may even be embossed with the name of the hotel.

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3. The waiting

All hotel lobby designs have a waiting. These are not overly large or all encompassing – just a small part of the overall interior, sometimes designed in an alcove, other times designed along the sidelines. The furniture of the hotel waiting always follows the general color and lighting scheme of the lobby as a whole. The waiting can also be a follow-up counterpart of the reception desk – with both on opposite ends of the hotel lobby with ample amount of circulation space in between.

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4. The final image of a hotel lobby design

The final image of any hotel lobby design needs to seem holistic. The overall design needs to look cohesive, so even when you design each part – the layout, reception, and the waiting – as individual elements of the lobby, there always needs to be some visual anchor between all of them. Of course the visual dynamic also has to project a charisma that attracts the guests and leaves a good first impression, so careful contrasting of all design elements – colors, materials and lighting – is a must.

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A hotel lobby design is a culmination of many small parts including the layout, furniture, lighting, color scheme and more. It is how all of these come together that defines the overall image of the lobby design.

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