The Fundamentals of Bedroom Interior Design

What’s the one place in your home you look forward to seeing the most after a long day at work? It is, without a doubt; the bedroom. Call it whatever you want – abode-within-abode, sanctuary, personal haven – a bedroom is definitely the most private space in any home. It’s where we spend our most vulnerable moments, which is why there should always be a certain precedence given to bedroom interior design.

From the style to the layout to the color schemes, every aspect has to be carefully and strategically considered. Then, of course, there is the matter of adding in a personal touch and making the most of the space. So today, we’re going to look at all the ways you can make your bedroom interiors more nuanced and attractive.

10 tips to consider for your bedroom interior design

1- The room space2

The size and dimension of the bedroom are one of the foremost things you should consider before any other aspect of the interior design. The bedroom size in a small apartment definitely varies from one in a posh luxury villa. It is a crucial aspect to consider before proceeding with the design process. You can definitely go all-out while designing the interior of a luxury master bedroom in a large home.


2- The perfect bed

The second most important thing to consider for your bedroom interior design is the actual bed. Remember the story of Goldilocks – the girl who tried every bed in the cottage before settling onto the perfect one? Well, that story definitely had some grain of truth – the perfect bed can define your rest and sleeping habits. And just as importantly, it can also determine the style and aesthetic of your bedroom as well. There is quite a few style of bed’s that are trending these days. Here are a few:

The Platform: Platform beds are the next generation contemporary accessories. They consist of a low-rise platform (usually a foot from the floor) with a tall mattress splayed in the center. Its low-height is perfect for small bedroom sizes and its inbuilt style looks pretty trendy to boot.


The Queen Anne: If your bedroom interior design is old fashioned, traditional or baroque, then this is the style of bed you’re going for. It would feature a carved headboard, some tufting or even deco painted finishes.


The Metal Frame: The metal frame bed is more stylistic in fashion. It can be used for bedroom interiors that feature a more rustic or contemporary style.


The Compact: This kind of a bed is extremely compact in fashion. It is perfect for small-style bedrooms and often comes with an attached study desk to boot.


Another important thing to consider is the actual bed size. Here are a few conventional ones:

  • King Sized: The King and California King sized beds are for large, luxurious rooms that won’t look cramped with such a large bed.
  • Queen Sized: The Queen sized bed is for bedrooms that are medium to large in size. This is the ‘normal’ sized bed you find in most master bedrooms.
  • Twin Sized: The Twin sized bed is on the smaller side. It is narrow and can only accommodate a single person at most.

3- The bed frame

The bedframe or headboard has lately become a contemporary feature piece of a bedroom interior design. It usually happens to merge directly into the wall and extends all the way to the ceiling. This frame or headboard can then be decorated according to the style of interior design you chose for your room. For example, a traditional style feature headboard can be finished in tufting and rich fabrics. Similarly, a modern style headboard can be finished in laminates, looking mirrors and other modern materials.


4- Circulation space and layout

The layout and circulation space are a crucial yet often overlooked part of any bedroom interior design. Most people simply put the bed smack in the middle of the room and get done with it. Many people do not even consider alternate placements at all. It is also important to note that according to Feng Shui professionals, placing the bed straight in front of the door can bring in a lot of bad luck

So whenever you’re considering the layout of your bedroom interior, try to work with various alternate arrangements until you find one that suits you the best. For example, a twin bed can seem lonesome in the middle of the bedroom space. A much better arrangement would be placing it beside a wall and using the leftover space for circulation.

On the other hand, an ornate display bed has to be the center of attention in the space. It will only look unnatural to place it beside the wall.


5- The décor and style

Both the theme and the style are pretty important part of the bedroom interior design process. When you lock a particular style, you end up narrowing down your color scheme, material palate, lighting and even the furnishings.  For example, a rustic style bedroom would be heavy on the wooden accents and the gold lights. Similarly, a modern style bedroom would feature a simple, achromatic color scheme and sleek furniture design.


6- The wardrobe infraction

The kind of wardrobe you want to have can also impact the style of your bedroom interior design. Many people opt for small closets, but most still accept the traditional wardrobe a la 90s interiorscape. This is another design detail that depends on the size of your space and the arrangement of your layout. You cannot very well design an entire walk-in closet in an apartment with the limited square footage. Similarly, having a rectangular wardrobe in a large, posh bedroom can also seem weird.


7- The door-window designs

The door-window detail is one that often gets overlooked in lieu of other furnishings. However, the kind of door and style of windows you choose to have in your bedroom interior design is quite important.

For example, a screen door is completely different from a regular turn-leaf door. Both have different visual impacts and different design implications. You have a lot of leeway for more intricate designs with sliding screen doors than with conventional doors. In the end, it all depends on your style and personality.


As for windows; they also have a great visual impact on the overall bedroom design. For example, you can opt for French windows on a first-floor bedroom, which can act as both a door and a window. Similarly, a bay window can be used to design a small resting nook that overlooks a garden.


Furthermore, you have to consider the impact of your window coverings as well. Here are a few suggestions:

– Roman blinds: These can help you get a warm yet modern ambiance.
– Roller blinds: These are smooth, easy to operate and very modern in aesthetic.
– Curtains: If you’re going for old-school or traditional, then curtains are the window covering for you.
– Pelmets: These are very elegant, and help keep the hanging hardware out of sight.
– Venetian blinds: These give off a very contemporary and officious look.

8- The color scheme

Another extremely important aspect of your bedroom interior design is the color scheme. You have to be very careful about selecting the right colors and how you translate them through materials. Since the bedroom is your place to relax, the color palette has to be especially soothing. Therefore, you should go for cool or neutral color schemes. Beige, sky blue, white and greys are good examples. You can definitely embellish with a splash of bright color in the mix, but don’t be too bold about it.


9- The lighting

Lighting is another important aspect of your bedroom interior design. It determines how the ambiance of your entire space will look like. Moreover, beautiful light fixtures can lend personality and character to your room. Here are a few ways you can embellish with lighting:

  • Fairy lights: if you are a fan of the DIY phenomenon and love bringing your ideas to life, then you can definitely do this. You can hang up strings of fairy lights in your bedroom to give it a personal flair.
  • Recessed lights: These are used inside of inbuilt shelving or toe-kicks. They give your furniture a ‘halo effect’ that is extremely attractive in looks.
  • Suspended bedside lamps: Bedside lamps are a total interior design necessity. From Tiffany lamps to suspended pendant lights, you can find a plethora of designs to complement your design style.

10- Personal nooks

Lastly, if your space allows, then you can definitely add to your bedroom interior design with some personal nooks. These include the dresser area, a reading nook, and even a small study area. You can simply isolate a small portion of the space and decorate it with personal flair. In case of an in-house study design, you can even go for compact furniture – like a small study desk that overlooks a window. However, in case of more cosmetic areas like the dresser, you can use them as feature decorative objects in the interior design.

These are some of the things you absolutely have to consider while designing your bedrooms. These points can help you get a more cohesive outlook of the entire design process and what part you should go for first.

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