Decorate Your Restaurant in Modern Ramadan Islamic Style

Decorate Your Restaurant in Modern Ramadan Islamic Style

Restaurant interiors are key when it comes to fasting and Ramadan, and modern Ramadan Islamic style décor would be the theme to follow this season.
The Holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching and soon, Muslims all over the world would be fasting for several hours a day. Breaking the fast is a sacred rite, and many celebrate it by eating out. The official title for the breaking of fast is known as the ‘Iftar’ and many restaurants cater to its sanctity by offering buffets or a la carte option – whichever one is preferred by the fasteé. However, the experience of eating for the first time in hours is partially dependent on the surroundings, environments, and ambiance – which is why it is important to dress your eatery in a relevant theme.
Today, we will be looking at several ways to decorate a restaurant in the Modern Ramadan Islamic Style in celebration of the Ramadan.

8 Key points you must consider:

1. Color, Theme and Modern Ramadan Islamic Style

Colors, materials, and textures are the keystone of any good interior design. When you’re emulating the Modern Ramadan Islamic Style for your restaurant, be very meticulous while selecting the color palate. All colors should lean towards the warmer side with bright, funky accentuations – think gold base and navy accents. The articulation of the colors in materials and textures jazzes up the ambiance to new levels. This theme is a veritable juxtaposition of light and bright colors.

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The Modern Ramadan Islamic style is a fine combination of Islamic, Moroccan and Contemporary themes. Together, they make this style glitzy, glamorous yet understated at the same time. These colors and theme would definitely be appropriate if you’re redecorating your restaurant for Ramadan.

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2. Lighting Design

Nothing – least of all food – could be enjoyed under the glare of a bright light, nor under the subtle dark of a dimly lit bulb. So the lighting design is definitely important to spruce up the décor and atmosphere of your modern Ramadan Islamic themed restaurant. For the Modern Islamic theme in your restaurant during Ramadan, go for a dimly gold atmosphere with lots of decorative lighting. Choose a fixture that won’t emit too much glare nor is it too dim – just a perfect blend of atmospheric and functional. I use to refer to my favorite designer in term of furniture and lighting Tom Dixon Etch Tea Light Holder

3. Kyoto Tea Accessories

As far as accessories go, this one is not completely authentic given the glamor of the Modern Ramadan Islamic Style. But it does have that certain gilded roughness that fits right in with the rest of the organic ambiance of this theme. Kyoto Tea Accessories could be used to serve that coveted cup of tea after the ‘Iftar.’ Or they could simply be used for decorative purposes. You could highlight a showcased collection through accent lighting or feature displays. It would fit well with the theme. I usually refer to etch Tea Light Holder with Stainless Steel with Wind Licht I Tee Licht with Silber and Geometries

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4. Moroccan Lanterns

These lanterns are quite a linchpin of Modern Islamic Style design – especially if you’re designing for a restaurant – and would certainly enhance the glamor of the surroundings. Try placing one lantern above each sitting area to increase individuality, or you could even use a large cluster of several lamps as your lighting centerpiece.

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5. Glamorous décor

There is a certain gilded uniqueness in the Modern Islamic Style, especially if you’re decorating for Ramadan. It has a subtle, restrained glamour that is ramped up with the use of light and bright colors. It also features a homegrown authenticity with the proper accessorizing – the Moroccan lanterns, calligraphy, Kyoto tea accessories and more. But you have to find a fine balance between all of these elements to create a truly suitable restaurant interior for the month of Ramadan.

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6. Dining tables and furniture layout

The Muslim community is extremely family oriented – they like to enjoy the ‘Iftar’ in large groups of immediate and extended family. So while designing the furniture layout, you should keep that in mind. The dining tables could be temporarily joined up into ten seater or more. You could fill up the alcoves for small-scale seating – four seater – while highlighting the bigger tables by making them the centerpiece.

7. Modern Islamic calligraphy

Calligraphy is an important feature of the Modern Islamic Ramadan theme. Especially within the context of restaurant decoration; you could choose specifically curated pieces and even make a feature wall out of them. Just know the importance of those words; the Muslims consider calligraphy ‘Kalaam’, as sacred quotes out of the Quran. Place them respectfully around the interior and highlight them carefully.

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8.Your restaurant brand

Use Theme // Navy, Gold & Antique Blush – Vintage Style from the entrance and signage till invitation card, menu, and brochure, with a simple gold frame, and a nice colored.
Islamic typography art giving a modern look with Navy color.

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The Modern Islamic theme designed for a restaurant during the Ramadan could be emulated in a chic, sophisticated and friendly style with the help of all the points mentioned above.

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