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Cost-Effective Building Design Solutions

Everyone wants a cost-effective building design, but very few people know what it actually means? Reducing the cost of construction or simply allocating a budget does not define the term ‘cost-effective.’ It is actually a very broad term that is open to personal interpretation.
More often than not, a cost-effective building design reflects the individual needs, interests, and objectives of a building design. It requires carefully looking at each and every detail of your building design. It varies from building genre to genre; a commercial building will have different cost-effective objectives than a residential one. But there are a few key solutions that can be applied to any case. Here’s all you need to know about how to get a cost-effective building design:

10 solutions for a cost-effective building design

1. Location selection

The selection of your location reflects the general revenue that can be achieved by designing a building in that place. This especially applies to commercial buildings like malls and restaurants. If we manage to select the right location for a commercial property, then it will positively reflect on the final outcome. This will also allow us to estimate the traffic load in order to organize the layout of the building. In this way, you can start the process of designing a cost-effective building design even before the actual blueprints have been started on.

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2. Building Orientation

The building orientation is another important factor for creating a cost-effective building design. You should know that every building is designed around the ‘sun path’ of a region. Most of the activities are planned in areas where the intensity of the sun is the lowest. Similarly, spaces that have very little foot traffic are designed where the intensity of the sunlight is more glaring. This creates buffer zones between the areas, keeping spaces with more activity cooler in a passive way. The careful orientation of the building will also reduce the amount of ‘active’ ways you’ll have to keep your interior spaces cooler.

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3. Layout Plan

The layout plan is what you call the ‘blueprint.’ You should know that a good layout can definitely help you achieve affordable building specs. Let me give you an example; the south side of your building will be subject to intense sunlight throughout the day. So if you design your kitchens in that area, you’ll have to go for high powered air conditioning, which will ramp up the bills. But if you design the kitchen on the north side, the layout will automatically make sure that space remains relatively cooler without active interventions. It’s one of the best cost-effective building design solutions.

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4. Wall Cladding

The walls of your building are what makes up the physical articulation of the design. The durability of the wall materials will ensure that your building is long lasting. Similarly, the insulation on your walls will keep the interiors cooler. Good wall cladding can make a huge difference in keeping the running cost of your establishment to the lowest. This is why it is considered the basic building block of cost-effective building design.

  • Aluminum or other natural metal cover sheets, enclosing a polyethylene or fire rated core.
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  • Wood cladding
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  • Laminate, Plastic, Metal, Vinyl, Wood
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5. Roof Materials

The roof details are very important when it comes to creating a cost-effective building design. The material selection and durability are what determines if your building will be sustainable or not. For example, if you decide to design a roof garden, then it may cost you more initially, but it will definitely reduce the running bills of your building in the long run. Similarly, the roof design will also determine the placement of the solar panels and possible wind-direction solutions for your building.

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6. Interior Design & Furniture

Interior design consists of small details that can bust your budget from here till next Tuesday. You can go for some basic interior design rules to stick to a cost-effective building design. First of all, choose a design style that is very minimalistic or modern. Then use repurposed furniture and embellish some basic pieces to create focal points. Try not to go for designer pieces you cannot afford. You’ll also find that focusing on a single accent wall will enhance the overall look of your design without totally busting your budget.

7. Sourcing Materials

Knowing your way around the design and construction market is important when you’re considering a cost-effective building design. Knowing where to source the best, affordable materials will take you a long way in designing a good building. Beware about going for high-profile sources and getting low-quality materials. Explore all the existing sources before making any final decisions about where you will get your final materials.

8. Latest MEP & HVAC

A high-quality HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system can make your running building costs much lower. You might need to spend a little more in the beginning, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. Here’s what you should remember about sourcing your HVAC systems for a cost-effective building design:
– Make sure they are more than 90% efficient.
– Find the perfect size so that no energy is wasted.
– Keep future extensions in mind and find a system that will be adaptable.

9. Use of Technology

These days, there are a lot of affordable building technologies that can help keep your buildings cost-effective. From solar panels to small wind turbines and even smart shutters, there are a lot of technologies you can choose from. Note that you don’t have to make your building the next Bahrain World Trade Center – even something small like sun-oriented window louvers are enough to get a cost-effective building design on a small scale.

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10. Process of Design

The kind of design consultancy you go for can definitely effect the affordability of your building. Online designing is a great way to get a cost-effective building design. It will allow you to get the best services on a set budget and strict timeline.

As you can see, getting a cost-effective building design requires a combination of small solutions. The process begins even before the construction has started, and will definitely go on long after it has ended.

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