Contemporary Islamic Interior Design of Mosque, Leicester, UK

Renowned charity entrusts CAS to design place of worship

The Goodwood Community and Education Trust approached Comelite Architecture, Structure and Interior Design to design a contemporary Islamic interior for a mosque in Leicester, UK. The construction of the Mu’adh-ibn-Jabal Masjid had been a united effort of the Leicester Muslim community, and CAS has been hired for its expertise in combining modern and traditional aesthetics. In fact, it was one of the foremost reasons the firm was chosen to do the contemporary Islamic interior design for the mosque. The client personally sought out the CAS design team as he was impressed with the efficient, competent and timely project delivery and management of the firm.

The mosque is located in the popular Goodwood area of Leicester, with over 500 Muslim families living in the surrounding area. As a result, the construction and design of this mosque was carried out through generous donations of the community. They opted for the CAS design team for its skill and experience in merging the contemporary and Islamic styles, as evident in their extensive portfolio.

The client admired how CAS manages projects while masterfully emulating the client’s vision in the design. Since the firm is an expert at capturing the essence of modern and Islamic styles, this contemporary Islamic mosque interior design in Leicester, UK is surely going to satisfy the client’s expectations.

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Masha Allah EXterior Design is a very good contemporary design, interior design will be out sanding I believe.A big thanks for the designers.

Perfect design and perfect cooperation between all parties, this is the world i want it , peaceful world between all the people .

Thank you for sharing your info. I truly
appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next
pos thanks once again.

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