Don’t Be the Best – Be Unique by Combining Your Interior-Branding

Being Unique Is Really Important…But why?

We are often told to be the best so that you are safe and ahead of the game. But, here’s what you probably didn’t realise . . . All of us are born with unique abilities, for which people often try to imitate others.
But, even though it is good to be the best or a popular company, being unique will leave your company’s mark on everyone’s mind.
Therefore, no one will ever be able to reach the one-of-a-kind standard that your company and services or product created for itself and for your clients.
Because in the long run in order to survive, it is important to focus on your staff and your professional unique capacities and to work with them to improve.
Just because there will always be someone better, doesn’t mean that your special offer won’t be useful for your clients. Understanding your company’s unique abilities will only lead you to create an experience like no other. As Simon Sinek said, that’s how Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers …started their way to success.
Moreover, it is wise to understand the potential of your staff to extend their capacities because striving for perfectionism is never in the human nature.


“A candle loses nothing when it lights another candle. Be the light that starts the fire in someone else. Let your brand be that candle who lights others.”

How to be unique by combining your interior-branding

A physical space is of paramount importance when it comes to branding. With every step or turn of a customer, interior-branding has the ability to convey a message. Or to better communicate to the targeted demographic. The story that is presented through a design atmosphere can be shown through graphics, signage, colour palettes etc.
Moreover, uniqueness of a brand may depend on certain factors. Such as, how effective the shapes, colours, and textures collaborate in terms of brand design? Or how well do the designers communicate the stories of the particular brand? Or the kind of thought process that is given in the design? The more attention to interior-branding might lead up to effective yet appealing designs.

Why is it important to combine your interior design with your brand?

Do you prefer a beautiful design over a meaningful design? Well, the modern world has changed pretty much to admit the opposite. The impacts of meaningful designs over beautiful designs are far beyond.
An interior design is given a whole new face with branding. In a fast pacing world, clients are compelled to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Brand design plays a huge part in differentiating a particular brand. Or giving the interior design a clear, distinct voice by branding aspects.
It is pretty much an easy task to please the eye through the interior design. But to resonate interior design through brand design? Yes, it can be an overwhelming process where design professionals are to be engaged.


Which should be first? Brand design or interior?

The design process is a result of the understanding of the brand and the interior, and of a graphic and an interior designer. The deeper understanding of the combination of interior-branding of the designers will always lead to one of a kind and innovative designs.
Neither brand design nor interior design comes first in the design process. If an interior design is forced to adapt to a logo or when a logo is designed to follow an interior, the whole design process will be lacking in essence. Thus, the design process will not be a smooth one. Therefore, the possibilities of unique design inventions are crushed. The equal collaboration of a graphic and an interior designer is highly required in terms of interior-branding.

The Puma Store in Japan which is designed by Nendo is one example that shows the importance of brandscaping. A series of steps is designed as display stands to remind its users on the importance of leading a healthy life in connection with Puma. The subtle connection of Puma and Sports has been manifested in the Puma interior that leaves an impact on Puma users.


100% chocolate cafe is an interior design effort of Masamichi Katayama which is situated in Tokyo. The ceiling design of 100% chocolate is done by dark wood panels that are shaped like oversized chocolate sizes. Each variety of chocolate products is assigned with a shade of colour and a number. The use of materials and colour palette has been taken into intelligent consideration to fit the concept of the 100% chocolate cafe. The 100% chocolate cafe lets chocoholics indulge in the process of chocolate making by placing an open kitchen in the layout.


Apple is a renowned brand known for its sleek design and the simplicity. The interior design of Apple stores is taken into sensitive consideration in terms of straightforward materials, a minimal colour palette and the layout of the space. Particular areas are devised according to the functionality, where the layout is pretty straightforward yet simple. Apple convinces its users that the physical representation of an Apple store is what the brand philosophy is about, from the spatial configuration to attention in the detailing of product arrangement.


The Cherry Home is a two story bedding boutique that is designed by CAS. The store is designed with a tone of soft pink and white, inspired by the cherry tree. The interior of Cherry Home gives the users a sense of serenity within the interior space.
Whitewashed wood planks are used in the ceiling design of the second story, which displays children’s items.  Ceiling-high wooden displays are used so that more products can be put on display without cluttering the store, therefore maintaining the serenity on the cherry tree.



Interior-branding has a great amount of impact on consumers and also the employees of a company. So, it is important to consider the interior in terms of branding for a distinct and personalised identity.

Having a personalised or unique interior design will help you become more innovative and to think outside the box…. Be different. Be unique.   Be exceptional by combining your branding with a unique interior design.

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