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Considering a Hotel Design Company? Here’s What to Look For

A well-designed hotel will lead to a well-recognized and prestigious place for guests to spend quality time with families and friends. A reputable hotel design company realizes that choosing the hotel’s design is key to the project’s success. It also reflects the goals and approaches of the customer.

Design companies not only implement customer requirements, but also take the time to explore how to render and implement the project owner’s vision, determining how to add the needed modifications based on the company’s experience in this field.

A hotel design company performs a balancing act to match customer needs and design options—especially in projects with diversified areas and allocations, in order to finally befit a luxurious, architectural masterpiece.

Local Experience

Quarter Hotel

Customers usually seek out hotel design companies with experience in project implementation. The chosen company should be aware of the nature of the country in which the hotel will be located, as well as be familiar with the common culture for its residents, the historical heritage, and civilization.

This could be reflected in designing a hotel inspired from the Paranoiac civilization in Egypt or designing a hotel with the Islamic civilization theme in Turkey. The design should also match the different patterns of guests that usually visit the country.

Global Follow-Up

Boutique Hotel Design

Local experience does not justify ignorance to the latest global hotel design trends. Usually, the more projects a hotel design company has implemented in diversified countries with different cultures and civilizations, the more experience it gains in creating refined, blended designs, all while preserving the countries’ basic identity.

Wide Networking of Hotel Design Company

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Hotel design companies should have a wide network of relationships to assist with rendering and implementing a hotel with the highest quality products and best allowed budget. This involves liaising with the best manufacturers, suppliers, architects, contractors, interior décor companies, furniture suppliers, and more.

Such networking will ultimately lead to a marvelous hotel design that matches the requirements of both the customer and the hotel guests.

Hotel Design Company Staff

Olaya hotel

The execution of a perfectly designed hotel relies on efficient design staff that are capable of finalizing the best hotel design as quickly as possible.

The staff should always monitor the latest design themes and trends from around the world so they can add their own creativity and innovation, thus producing new, outside-the-box ideas relevant to the theme and location of each hotel.

Design teams are chosen either due to previous recommendations from clients working in the same field, from personal reputation and experience, or through passing traditional interviews and quizzes.

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