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How to Have the Best Modern Arabic Majlis Interior Design

Traditional Arab homes used to have a private sitting area for the guests known as the majlis. The Arab culture is very warm and cordial. They think of guests as blessing from God and treat them with sanctity. This is where the idea of a majlis design came from. It is a place to entertain guests in a separate area while maintaining privacy in the homes.
The design of the majlis has evolved in style and architecture over the years. Modern Arabic majlis designs are very grand. They are designed in a number of styles ranging from Islamic, Moroccan, and Mediterranean to even contemporary. Majlis designs in the past used to be simple and down-to-earth. They mostly consisted of Bedouin seating style, daybeds, and loose comforters. But the Majlis design of today ranges in style to style. Modern Arabic majlis designs encompass all styles and formations. So let’s look at some key aspects you should know about designing a majlis.

1. The three rules of designing a modern Arabic majlis

The majlis design is a very traditional concept. You have to understand its basic function with respect to the Muslim religion to get the true hang of majlis design. Let’s take a look at three must-remember rules while designing the majlis:

Understanding Islam: Islam is a religion that advocates special rights to guests. It is said that the presence of a guest is like a blessing. So having a suitable space to entertain them is an absolute must. It is from there the idea of a majlis actually arose.

Centuries old traditions: The initial Arab traditions were very nomadic. So the very first majlis designs used to be quite Bedouin and simple. They were stripped of ornamentation and consisted of only the basics. But with the passage of time, as the culture got rich, so did the architecture and interior design. The modern Arabic majlis design of today is very different from what it used to be in the past.

– Man-made interior objects: The actual eastern style interior design is not very luxurious. But designers have come up with many hybrid themes that are a unique combination of cultural aspects, traditions and designs. So therefore, the modern Arabic majlis design is a room that has a grand ambiance. It consists of classical and traditional elements; geometric patterns, luxury decoration and sumptuous furniture to boot.

2. From landscape to tradition

Many people think that the majlis design has to be a simple room. The most they can think out of the box is by upgrading the size of the space. But the modern Arabic majlis design is able to break this convention. It can be set up in both a landscape as well as an architectural setting.

A majlis designed in a landscape can be semi-covered. It can be inside a gazebo or a pool house. It can even be designed as an outdoor patio with a central fire pit. A majlis designed in a room however, has some already set conventions that are hard to break.

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3. Architecture and interior design

The formation of a modern Arabic majlis design can be divided in two parts. Let’s take a look at both of them:
– Architecture: The architecture of a majlis is very simple. It simply consists of a single room. It has a large span to achieve a grand scale. The entrance is always wide to make the space feel welcoming. There is also always a washing area or a bathroom near the Majlis to accommodate ablutions for the 5 daily prayers of Muslims. The rest of the impact is achieved through the interior design.

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– Interior Design: The interior design of a modern Arabic majlis consists of many elements. It has diverse patterns of the Islamic style expressed in floor patterns, screens, and even ceiling designs. It also usually has a grand chandelier in the center of the room. Either the chandelier or some attractive wall feature is used as a focal point to make the interior design more attractive.

The furniture is very sumptuous. The color scheme is very rich and there is a lot of emphasis on lighting. Additionally, you can even hang paintings, but only of a certain kind. Paintings that feature humans or animals are prohibited in some Islamic traditions. So you can only hang landscapes and calligraphy on the walls.

Men and ladies majlis design

The Arab culture is very firm about the separation of men and women in a social setting. Some women cover themselves from strangers. So a modern Arabic majlis design for men and women is separate. The lady’s majlis is usually located in a private area of the house. It is approached through a separate entrance hall and has a private access. The interior design of the lady’s majlis should have a more delicate design that exudes elegance. The color scheme and overall layout have to match the psychology and philosophy that attracts women.

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A modern Arabic majlis is an impressive room. Its architecture and interior design is luxurious and traditional. It is place for entertaining guests in an excellent way.

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