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4 Must-Haves for Home Spas

A home spa might not be a norm, but I think that it’s the perfect place to relax in the sanctuary of your house. A conventional residence focuses on practical details like bedrooms, kitchens and living areas. But sometimes, it can be good to add a luxury element like a spa in your homes. Destination spas are all well and good, but having one in your house can be more practical in the long run. It can be the perfect getaway without actually demanding you to leave your homes.
So with that in mind, do you know what kind of spaces you would need in your own stay-at-home spa? Just like the rest of the areas in your house, a home spa is just a large stage that needs to be carefully organized. All home spa spaces are carefully categorized to give you the best experience. They define the spatial layout and overall configuration of your spa. So let’s look at all the home spa spaces you need in order to get an authentic spa experience right at home.

1. Invest in the waterworks

Waterworks are an important part of any spa. So if you want to recreate an authentic experience in your home spa, then you’ll have to invest big in the waterworks. These include water jets, whirlpool tubs, and even small pools. You don’t have to go for all three, but try to incorporate at least one of these in your home spa spaces. Taking a relaxing soak in perfectly heated water can definitely have a soothing effect after a long day. If you choose to place your water-based spaces near a French window set, then that will certainly be the cherry on top. It will give you a great vista, some streaming sunshine and more than just an accent wall to stare at.

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2. Overall ambiance of your home spa spaces

Each and every detail of the interior designing matters when you’re designing your home spa spaces. The overall ambiance has to be soothing. This means that soft, neutral colors will be the running theme of the design. You can definitely embellish with natural texture to add depth to the overall design. Natural wooden textures, soft colors and dim gold lighting can go a long way to create a perfectly soothing ambiance for your home spa.

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3. The massage room

The massage room is one of the most important areas amongst all your home spa spaces. It should be located in the back of your layout, where there is zero noise disruption. A thermostat can create the best ambient temperature for you to relax in. The decoration has to be sparse; the massage bed and a table where the therapist can set-up their equipment. You can focus on the wall designs; from carved wooden accents to simple laminates, anything that suits your taste can work.

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4. Tinkering with Aroma & Chroma therapy

Of course, there are separate spaces for aroma and chroma therapy in every spa. Their location can be pretty centralized when you’re designing the layout of your home spa spaces. Aroma therapy allows you to relax with beautiful scents by using candles, bath-oils or even potpourri. Similarly, Chroma therapy uses lights of different intensities to create a soothing atmosphere. So you’ll need a relaxing bathtub for both of these features to work. If your allocated space is small, then you can even merge these two features with the waterworks area.

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As you can see, there are no hard and fast rules that make up the designing of your home spa spaces. You can even mix and merge some of them to create the best overall experience you’re looking for.

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Great post Victoria, but you have left out audio-therapy too.

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