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01 Jun: Modern Classic Design: a Blend of Tradition and Simplicity

Design preferences are constantly changing. Interior designs have now shifted to be modern while still preserving the classic touch. New interior design schools have managed to merge existing design patterns or even invent new ones. Despite the existence of multiple types of design schools, almost all of them revolve around combining two basic patterns: the traditional classic and the trendy modern. Other design ideas lay between those two basics.


01 Jun: 5 Luxurious Interior Design Ideas for a Entrances

An entrance reflects the hotel or facility’s identity, which means it is of paramount importance to follow accurate and professional guidelines when designing it. This article provides you with expert advice on major design elements that should be considered when planning an entrance with a luxury interior design.

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14 May: Hotel Architecture Design Provides an Exceptional Guest Impression

A hotel’s architecture design and façade are the first things guests notice while searching for, choosing, and entering any hotel. Thus, architecture firms choose exceptional exterior architecture designs for hotels to provide visitors with inspiring first impressions. The hotel’s landscape should match the exterior architectural theme and colors of the chosen concrete.

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11 May: Distinctive Hotel Design Ideas Create Loyal Guests

Hotels are the final destinations for travelers seeking accommodation that makes them feel at home without compromising on luxury and quality. This equation can be successfully achieved by implementing new design ideas for obtaining customer loyalty and fueling their desire to return to the same hotel again and again.

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