Our Approach

Our approach is simple: collaboration is creation. We’ll make sure that you can communicate with us as and when needed, and we’ll never reject an idea. Everything is discussed openly, and we understand the success of a project comes not only with the end result but with the overall process.

We take part in interviews with you, figuring out exactly what you want in your finished project. This involves us asking as many open-ended questions as we can, going through the pros and cons of your design options for full understanding and transparency.

At present, we’ve been actively researching and learning more about the architectural studies and standards of the GCC region. From Islamic architecture to urbanism in the GCC, we look to fully understand the culture that we’re setting foot into.

To that end, we provide comprehensive customer service as part of our approach, tailoring the entire project to fit your needs. The end result? A project that follows the exact specifications asked of it, on-time and within the set budget.

The Centre of Modern Arabic Design

At CAS, we care about being well-versed in modern Arabic design. Experts in creating modern Islamic residential designs, our knowledge of architecture in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf nations allows us to help you prosper.

We are pioneers of the modern style blended with Islamic cultures. This helps us create high quality, well-fitting residential and commercial projects. This makes us the best choice for developing Muslim centers across Western nations, also, as we blend our Western upbringing with our passion and knowledge of Eastern architectural ideals.

Indeed, we’ve managed to break ground into modern Islamic design, or modern Arabic design. With several key themes making up a rich contemporary style, we show that the power of modern architecture and classic Arabic styles can go hand-in-hand to create truly marvelous constructions.

Modern Arabic Interior Design 1
17 Jul: Guide to Modern Arabic Interior Design

When you merge some exclusive styles for the sake of design, you begin to break ground in untrodden territory. Modern Arabic interior design is a sum of many small features that make a whole. It consists of several combinations of atypical interior styles that combine to form this contemporary interpretation.

07 Dec: How to Do a Modern Islamic Hotel Interior Design

The basic concept behind any hotel design is to provide a ‘home away from home.’ But comfort and homeliness are only the tips of the iceberg. People tend to want to experience a country’s culture and inadvertent traditions whenever they’re making a trip to a foreign land.

07 Feb: Modern Islamic Interior Design

As Leonordo da vinci said:
“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
I started a project last week in which the client asked me for a modern but at the same time Islamic design. He wanted it to be suitable for a special event taking place at their holy ceremony in Jordan.

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