Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

The interior design team at CAS specializes in bringing outstanding design to all areas of the interior environment. We combine extraordinary quality with clear design standards combined with an obligation to the environment. During the design stage, we offer custom levels of service, a range of products, and a depth of knowledge to personalize the design experience for our clients. Through various combined efforts with architects and the growing knowledge over many projects, we continue to deliver spaces that fulfill our clients’ needs and appeals to their sense of style.
The extensive and thorough presentations created by the design team are the first stage of any project. The comprehensive design, and the selection of materials, furniture, fittings and lighting stems from this strong starting point. Our interior designers work closely with both the clients and architects in a joined process. These are tailored to each client to let them visualize every phase of the design. Each client presentation will typically include inspirational sketches and photo-realistic CGI graphics, in addition to rendered floor plans and a selection of sample boards featuring color palettes of varying materials and fabrics. Many of our clients are based overseas or frequently travel for long periods of time. Presentations can be communicated digitally.
Our interior design projects cover many sectors including offices and retail; cuisine and restaurant-related projects; the hospitality sector, including interiors for luxury hotels, high-end restaurants; and interiors for luxury residential projects.
Designing great interiors is one thing but turning them into reality is an altogether different thing which requires accurate, post-design follow-through work. Our team always interprets its interior schemes into detailed work packages, sample boards, and the full range of specification documents for complete fit-outs and construction.

Our Items

  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Detailed Design and Drawings Production
  • ID/FF&E Specifications
  • Material Sample Boards
  • Presentation Layouts and Visuals
  • 3D Visualization, Animation and Walk-Throughs
  • MEP