Converted Shipping Container Cafe

Converted Shipping Container Cafe

Converted Shipping Container Cafe

Our Converted Shipping Container Cafe is a small but exceptionally unique venture. In order to design a cafe from scratch, there needs to be a hodge-podge of arbitrary design considerations on the client’s part. These include the selection of a stable site but also its relevant customer-base, thematic disposition and other on-site technicalities of the cafe business. However, with our café design, you can have the best of all of these unique qualities in a single, portable, distinctive package.

Designed from sturdy shipping containers, our Converted Shipping Container Cafe has a strong, reliable build. It spans 2 stories and to speed up the construction, we have designed all interior furnishings to be completely prefabricated. Our Container Cafe design tackles two of the most generic problems of the industry; adaptability and quick end results. The team designed the interior to be aesthetically chic, with a choice coat of paint to embellish the exterior.

Container details:


  1. Two 40 ft. containers (two floors)
  2. Complete electric circuit and plumbing
  3. Logo signage
  4. EUR1 Certificate
  5. Furniture (optional)
  6. Shipping (optional)
  7. Branding package (optional)

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