Converted Shipping Container Bakery

Converted Shipping Container Bakery

Converted Shipping Container Bakery

The Converted Shipping Container Bakery has all the best parts of a cozy Mom-and-Pop business with an edge of modern aesthetics. The main body of the repurposed container holds the cutting-edge baking equipment and the actual shop – including the display shelves, counters and more – while a small extension on the outside offers an intimate sitting area. The exterior resembles a regular old bakery complete with a striped shade that extends over the sitting space.

The main attraction of the Converted Shipping Container Bakery is its on-the-go style. A large display case at the front of the container showcases all the delicious baked products, which will naturally attract the customers. The overall style of the container bakery has the charm of a typical patisserie with a modern edge when it comes to design interventions.

Container details:


  1. One 20 ft. container
  2. Complete electric circuit
  3. Logo signage
  4. EUR1 Certificate
  5. Furniture (optional)
  6. Shipping (optional)
  7. Branding package (optional)

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