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Converted Shipping Containers

Container construction defines the future of eco-friendly design, and our Converted Shipping Container series is one of the very best you will ever find. There are several benefits to be gained from shipping containers, the very first of which is that it is a certified ‘green’ method – since the container is being recycled for a positive purpose in a pragmatic way, it is environmentally friendly. Aside from that, it can also be portable and is certainly fast to put together within a cost-effective range. It takes many clever techniques to reuse a container to its fullest, and our team knows just how to manipulate the constraints and flexibilities of its structure in order to obtain the best design.

The way we redesign the shipping containers redefines the boundaries of space and repurposes its entire functionality. Not only does our Converted Shipping Container series gives our clients a better way to conceive and operate their businesses, it also provides them newer, more mobile solutions that help with the overall management. Our design-by-context approach with the containers provides the perfect solution for adaptability, flexibility and versatility.

We manufacture our Converted Shipping Container series as individual construction entities and ship them to the clients along with the accompanying furniture if ordered.

The Converted Shipping Container Series includes:


Branding Package

Our Converted Shipping Container series is all about utilizing the small dimensions of the existing containers and giving them a new purpose, of which branding is an extremely important part of. If you are a startup business, then we can provide you with a complete package which includes brand/graphic design along with the shipping container vocation of your choice.

To have a wholesome image within any business, you need to balance out three aspects: branding, interior and architecture. It is important to have harmony between these three features in order to attract a steady customer base. Our package allows you to have a wholesome business aesthetic. With our branding and print designing you will have matching graphical posters, color schemes, layout and environment – the best of all worlds.