CAS Packages

CAS Packages

CAS offers 3 full architectural packages, contact us today to find out more about our renovation, remodeling and decoration packages.

Are you looking for an affordable and creative café?
With CAS shipping container ideas and design, you will reach your dream.

Your home is who you are. Give your family a comfort and style life.

Make your restaurant an unforgettable experience. Let us give your place a makeover with our special offer.

Restaurant Interior Design Package

Renovation, decoration and remodeling
Discover stylish new ideas for 50sqm counter and dining area of your restaurant or café.

PRICE: $3000

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Residential Interior Design Package

Renovation, Decoration, Remodeling.
Discover stylish new ideas for your home.
From material to lighting to layouts, interior design trends move in and out of style at an amazing pace!
Whether you want to luxuriate in a late evening gabfest or enjoy a book in the quiet of a Sunday afternoon, the living room is the place to do it. Plenty of sunlight, lots of seating, and a bit of warm and welcoming color are all essential elements to living room design. Take a peek at these sweet spaces and imagine how you would relax.

Living room: $800
Kitchen: $600
Master bedroom: $800
Complete home: $3000

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Shipping Container Design Package

For a modern office, café or 2-3 bedroom house, turn shipping containers into amazing spaces for your life or work.
One or two shipping containers, 20 or 40 ft.

Price: $1500

This package includes:

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